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Katy Perry's vampire costume doesn't suck

Oct. 22, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

I don't know how many of you caught Comedy Central's Night of Too Many Stars, but Katy Perry made quite a special appearance at the event. Sure, I was hoping Katy would remove articles of clothing for every $10,000 donation, or jump on a trampoline, but she blew me away in a completely different, unexpected kind of way. I've never gone from "slightly annoyed" by a pop song to "nearly bursting out in tears" over it. Katy's duo performance of her song "Firework" with autistic piano player (and Perry fan) Jodi DiPiazza was probably the single most touching thing that has and ever will happen on that network. It even had John Stewart torn-up into shreds. I must say, I've been a fan of Perry's sex-appeal moreso than her music, but after this weekend, I have a whole new respect for her as an artist. The fact that she can do something so big while having fun on the side is also pretty radtastic. She threw a Halloween-themed birthday bash at the Magic Castle in L.A., showing up dressed as a sexy vampire. Katy will be turning 28-years-old come October 25th, and she's come a long way for her age. The largest bummer of all is she's still letting John Mayer play hide-the-salami with her, but who knows how serious that really is?

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8:14AM on 10/23/2012
Very sweet thing she did for that young girl.
Very sweet thing she did for that young girl.
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