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Keira's Duchess Caps

Dec. 28, 2007by: Seth Gecko

With the Golden Globes right around the corner, it's almost time for Keira Knightley to throw on her best dress as she's been nominated for Best Actress in her recent historical drama, "Atonement". I don't think she'll win as she has some tough competition but she's definitely a good contendor.

At this point however, you'd hope that Keira would ditch the Victorian/Elizabethan corsets and jump right back into a tight pair of blue jeans and a skin-tight shirt. Unfortunately, she's slipping the corset back on for yet another historical drama called "The Duchess" which has just released it's first official trailer. First off, Keira looks absolutely mesmerizing again as she always does and I will see this simply for her. However, the trailer really didn't deliver so I'm on the fence on how much I want to see this.

The part that disappoints me is that they use the awesome trailer music called "Lucius Dei" by Immediate Music but they don't use the orchestra to it's full potential to give the trailer that extra lift it needed at points. However, the visuals are awesome and let's face it, Keira is hot! So enjoy the HD screencaps that I've made for you all below and click here to check out the trailer. "The Duchess" hits theatres everywhere in 2008.

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