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Keira's Love Scene!

01.24.2008by: Seth Gecko

I'm pretty sure that everyone who visits here is aware of how sexy and awesome Keira Knightley is and the fact that she truly is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to terrific acting. She's been in the business for 8 solid years now and she's done everything from nudity, graphic sex and genres like drama, horror, fantasy, action and many others. Not only that but her consistent award nominations are a clear sign of a rising star. I honestly can't believe that she's less than 2 years older than me.

More to the point however is that with her recent buzz in her new historical drama, "Atonement", she's been seen everywhere and has been getting more attention than ever even though she wasn't lucky enough to be nominated for an Oscar in her category. For all of you out there who love Keira as much as I do, you'll love this special treat we have for you.

In the exclusive video clip below, we watch Keira in her hottest love scene to date even though there is practically no nudity. In this scene, her and the lucky M.F. James McAvoy start going at it against a bookshelf. It's one of the most passionate and aggressive love scenes that I've seen in quite a while and Keira makes it awesome with her performance. Enjoy!



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