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Kelly Brook brings Christmas to us a little early this year

Oct. 24, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

A lot of hotties tend to come and go as they please when it comes to keeping out depraved desires fulfilled, probably because their engines burn out from the pressures of dieting, tight clothing and persistent photoshoots. But not Kelly Brook. Kelly is like a machine of sexy, always on the go, doing whatever it takes to extinguish our desire for naughty thought-provoking images. Seriously, she's like the Thomas the Tank Engine of boobies. We already know next week is her big Crazy Horse burlesque show debut in London, which is guaranteed to blow the socks right off of our feet. We also know that somehow found time to film a part in the French adaptation of the original "Heavy Metal", METAL HURLANT CHRONICLES, a 24-episode miniseries in which Kelly sports a brilliantly cleavage-tastic, black leather suit.

Perhaps she didn't believe that was enough black leather to quench our thirst, since she's included some more in her New Look Christmas Collection. I never thought of black leather as "Christmasy" but I'm willing to let this trend take the world by storm. Leather pants have already been pretty popular this year. I think Kate Beckinsale (the other English KB babe) is to blame for that. As usual, Kelly shows a lot of personality in this set, another one of her most lovable qualities. I'm hoping there's still more to come from this collection, even though Kelly has certainly given us plenty to look forward to. Praise the Brook!

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: That last image (from METAL HURLANT) is just because DAMN.

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