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Kelly Brook gets fabulously frank about herself

2 years agoby: Droz

After countless Kelly Brook posts over the years, you may at one time or another have wondered how such constant coverage of practically every time Kelly Brook has reason to step out of her house has effected the busty Brit's feelings about her celebrity. Kelly answers a lot of those questions in this interview with Fabulous magazine, where she also shows off the curves that have earned her such dedicated scrutiny. After reading about her views on topics ranging from her newly single status, her loathing of paparazzi and her acceptance of a fuller-figured body, Kelly is starting to sound like a weary addict, sick of her drug but as yet unable to break her addiction. It would seem my diabolical plan is working perfectly. More and more coverage of every detail of her life will soon bring her to the breaking point. In desperation, she will come to me and beg to be freed from my relentless scrutiny. Only then, when she lies at my feet broken and defeated, shall she learn the true purpose behind my carefully laid plans be revealed. Yeeesss, Kelly. You will be mine soon.

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Source: Fabulous


Drool Back
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6:35AM on 03/05/2013
She needs a beach. stat.
She needs a beach. stat.
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