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Kelly Brook loves getting her magnificent ass kissed

Oct. 16, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

I've made the decision for the world that Kelly Brook should play the next Mary Poppins (step aside Amy Adams!). This is because Kelly's practically perfect in every way. These promotional pics for Crazy Horse's "Forever Crazy" cabaret show in London are a testament to that. Even when she leaves her marvelous cleavage at home, she supplies the cameras with a ton of graceful booty shots. In case you were wondering, all those Katy Perrys surrounding her are the cast of the production. Why? Kelly has signed up for a seven-day stint to cameo in the Paris-originated show, which has been named "the most seductive cabaret in the world. Does this mean we'll soon be seeing Kelly getting flirty in lingerie? You bet your ass it does! November 1st will be Kelly's first show, and I for one can hardly contain my excitement, as most certainly there will be pics to follow. What a babe. I would gladly let you rest your heinie on my lips, Kelly.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna

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