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Kelly Brook goes to work, looks better than pretty much anyone while doing it

Mar. 20, 2013by: Droz

Here's our good friend Kelly Brook leaving for what she calls work now, which is goofing off with horny game show hosts as a regular panel member on the hit UK game show Celebrity Juice. I don't know anyone who looks that fantastic going to work. Everyone I know is usually pissed and sleep deprived by the time they manage to stumble out the door, coffee and car keys and cellphone and breakfast and whatever else they need somehow in hand as they go. They certainly never smile as beautifully as Kelly is here. In fact, I don't think any of them are smiling at all. Then again, few of us have the good fortune of being paid gobs of money to sit around and look beautiful and laugh while bobbing for penises. For the majority of us, if we get a second of peace to quietly weep in a bathroom stall, that's considered a good day.

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11:14PM on 03/20/2013
Completely covered up and still smoking hot.
Completely covered up and still smoking hot.
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12:26AM on 03/21/2013
couldn't have put it better myself
couldn't have put it better myself
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