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Kelly Brook enjoys herself in the dark

Jan. 21, 2013by: Droz

‘I was in my late 20s when I started enjoying my body and having fun.’

Statements like that are just cruel things to say, especially when they come from Kelly Brook, who has done yet another underwear spread for her New Look line where shadows seem to be the overriding theme. The buxom British beauty also shares some personal statements in the link below, concerning how to feel better about yourself if you happen to be a lady wearing some lingerie. Girl really enjoys her double entendre statements, which only serve to manipulate and toy with my burning hot passion for her like it was a ball of play dough. Now my mind is filled with all kinds of perverse scenarios involving a 20-something Kelly enjoying her perfect body in all kinds of ways. The male mind's capacity to sink into the deepest reaches of sexual depravity is astounding sometimes.

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Source: Fabulous

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Drool Back
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9:11AM on 01/22/2013
She's beautiful.
She's beautiful.
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