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Zoo magazine confirms the owner of Britain's Best Bum, and she is...

Apr. 10, 2013by: Salacious Crumb

Zoo magazine's #1 spot for their list of "Britain's Best Bums", I title I suppose we should have all seen coming sometime or another, has been revealed, and the owner of it itů.

...Kelly Brook! Surprised? Well you shouldn't be. The Brits love Brook's "bits" like a fat kid loves cake. Kelly's ass managed to surpass some of the UK's other most cherished backsides, like those owned by Paige Tyler, Jessica Ennis and Courtnie Q. Due to this news, the paparazzi has been stalking Kelly extra closely today, from her home to her arrival at Riverside Studios in England. She's camera-ready as always, with her boobs looking like a place of euphoria snuggled into her sexy blue dress. I commend Kelly's ass, and congratulate it on its achievements, but her front side is still clearly her best. I love how Kelly's natural smile is pretty much the exact same as her "please get away from me" smile. That is one photogenic hottie.

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Source: Superior Pics

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7:57PM on 04/10/2013
Goddess !!
Goddess !!
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