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Kelly Brook is bringing back acid wash, making me envy purse straps

Jul. 23, 2014by: Droz

My girl Kelly Brook is spending her summer in LA this year, which seems to have become a regular thing for her. Being away from the UK is not stopping her from doing her regular paparazzi street walks though - quite the contrary. She's getting out a lot more here than back home, but unfortunately she always brings her fiance with her on these little sidewalk jaunts. Except for yesterday when he was apparently too busy pumping himself at the gym to f*ck up another great Kelly moment with his garish physique. So much better to observe Kelly unhindered by any external nonsense. Fascinating how she somehow makes me appreciate acid wash jeans for the first time in 25 years and concisely proves that being her purse strap is the most sublime existence there is.

Are we getting acclimated to thicker Kelly yet? I'm pretty much down with it at this point. Not as much of a surprise anymore. It's clearly done wonders for her already impressive rack. Just look at those things. Kelly, you gotta do another topless beach moment before the summer ends. Please?

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10:43PM on 07/23/2014
Nice little camel toe there. Mmmmm...
Nice little camel toe there. Mmmmm...
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