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Kelly Brook is living easy

Apr. 5, 2013by: Droz
Kelly Brook is in the pages of Easy Living magazine this month, looking amazing as usual. Yeah, I kind of miss her more extreme days when she was smearing herself with lipstick and getting naked in magazines, but we all have to grow up eventually, right? That's what they tell me anyway. I was busy playing with my Matchbox cars, so I didn't hear everything they said. Anyway, Kelly's also got her fashion empire to maintain, which doesn't leave a lot of time to indulge in her old hijinks. Speaking of that, Kelly offers some "secret" pointers in her magazine spread for how to be successful like her. She mentions a lot of stuff in there, like working hard, dreaming big, defining yourself, yada yada. The one secret she didn't mention though was the importance of being a spectacular hottie who everyone lusts after and puts in magazines and movies and TV shows, which will get you paid tremendously well and allow you to eventually create your own brand that generates millions of dollars. Hey, I have no doubt Kelly works super hard at her thing, but I suspect that the average single woman with the 10 cats and stretch marks might have some trouble following in Kelly's footsteps, even if they abide by her secret plan. Sorry, Kelly. I love you anyway though.

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Source: Easy Living


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