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Kelly Brook needs drugs, has plenty of leggings

Feb. 14, 2014by: Droz

I don't know why Kelly Brook seems to get hotter on her overseas jaunts, but she does. You see her here in an old shirt and the purple leggings she wears all the time as scruffies back home in London. It's Kelly, so she's good even when she's not trying, but that warm California sun seems to be doing her wonders. She's got a little extra glow to her out here. Or maybe it's just the fact that she's currently getting pounded by a 6-foot, 220 pound, tattoo-covered HGH mutant. I hear such things tend to give the ladies an especially nice disposition. On a side note, or maybe a butt note, how spankable is her ass in those leggings? I'm not much for the extreme kinky shit, but I will admit to having the urge to give my lady a little playful slap on the fanny sometimes - especially when their ass looks as ripe and fleshy as Kelly's does in that last pic. She could never come near me with her ass poking out like that - not without getting a little sting in her butt cheek for her trouble.

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Drool Back
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9:46AM on 02/15/2014
These candids are great! It never gets old seeing her.
These candids are great! It never gets old seeing her.
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