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Kelly Brook & Nicole Scherzinger have energy for Playboy

Nov. 19, 2010by: Lester Diamond
While I wish the ladies featured in these pics were posing in PLAYBOY (holding one another ever so gently), I can settle for their gorgeous selves just making a cameo. Apparently, PLAYBOY has a new energy drink on the market, and decided to throw a party and invite a bunch of hot women. Kelly Brook and Nicole Scherzinger came out to show some support and looked very sexy while doing so. In a crowded energy market of Redbull, Rockstar, Monster, and tons of other imitators (your Mom probably has her own drink too), it will be interesting to see if Playboy can carve out it's own niche. Hopefully, they tie in some sexy ladies to whatever promotion they run, as it would be an extreme waste of a well known brand name in smut (classy smut of course). PLAYBOY should look no further than Kelly Brook, as we already know she peddles beer over seas, so just imagine the type of promos she could pull off for a PLAYBOY energy drink. Bouncing boobs hyped up on caffeine! Sounds like good times for everyone (except a weak back).

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Source: Hollywood Tuna


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11:37AM on 11/21/2010
That's probably the most covered up I've seen Kelly Brook
That's probably the most covered up I've seen Kelly Brook
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