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Kelly Brook takes her quarter-slot cleavage to the Fashion Awards

Nov. 28, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

There's always room to squeeze Kelly Brook and her enormous smile into a "hump day" afternoon. The UK gathered all of their native hotties to celebrate clothes at the Fashion Awards, and who better to represent filling out those clothes than good ol' Kelly? As far as what she was wearing herself, we've clearly gotten much luckier with the girl in the past, but despite the plain black dress and lack of accessories, her gorgeousness still makes her look as decorative as my neighbor's Christmas lights across the street (only not as annoying; seriously). I feel a bit ashamed for just missing Kelly's 33rd birthday on the 23rd of November, but I supposed it's better late than never to say "Happy Birthday, Kelly!", and if you're reading, please let me do your laundry for you. Please, I insist, it's the least I could do. Send all unwashed bras and panties to Salacious Crumb at P.O. Box 963, Bumblef*ck, CA, 92651. Oh, and YOUR laundry ONLY, please. You're welcome!

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3:48PM on 11/28/2012
what I wouldn't give for an opportunity to ......... !!
what I wouldn't give for an opportunity to ......... !!
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5:16PM on 11/28/2012
Don't you mean what you WOULD give?.......
Don't you mean what you WOULD give?.......

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