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Kelly Brook's look is lava hot at her runway show

Oct. 8, 2012by: Droz

It was a party once again for Kelly Brook at her New Look runway show. Just like with most anything Kelly does, she did it all with smiles and laughter as she once again took up modelling duties for her clothes. The one thing you can always say about Kelly is that she's not afraid to do the work, whether it's modelling her clothes or promoting any number of different things, presenting TV shows or even the occasional movie. Girl is all over the place, working her beautiful little tail off establishing her empire of hotness. You also have to acknowledge that whatever she does, she always makes it seem like a good time, with enough joyful warmth radiating off her to melt the ice caps. Even ducking paparazzi as she jogs down London streets seems like a ball when Kelly does it. I don't think there's a lazy or pretentious bone in her body. That's a rare thing among ladies like Kelly.

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Drool Back
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6:02PM on 10/08/2012
What else can be said ?? Incredible .
What else can be said ?? Incredible .
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