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Kelly Ripa leads an Army of high heel clad women

Sep. 23, 2010by: Lester Diamond
Television host Kelly Ripa hosted a High Heel-A-Thon charity run that was broadcast live on her show, ‘Live! with Regis and Kelly’ yesterday morning. According to the rules, participants had to run 150 yards with a heel no less than 3” high (my inner male chauvinist nods enthusiastically in approval). It’s my opinion that the “click-clack” sound of a woman approaching in high heels (preferably a bit tipsy) is one of the sexiest sounds the male ear is capable of hearing from a woman. This list also includes “It’s my first time”, “Wow, that’s big”, and “I don’t think I can walk straight”. I’ve been known to intentionally drag my dates around at an accelerated pace just to hear that “click-clack” speed up and down to my own personal amusement. That being said, my head would’ve probably exploded at the glorious sound of hundreds of women simultaneously running down the street in high heels. Maybe that’s what women do in Heaven (besides cook, clean, and wear lingerie)?

Kelly looks great in her spandex outfit, as do fellow cougar Kristin Chenoweth and cub in training AnnaLynne Mccord. While I’m not really a fan of Kelly’s brand of giggly talk show personality, she has forever gained clemency from me due to her outright encouragement of women in high heels the world over.

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Extra Tidbit: One of the funniest things to witness is seeing a woman who's slowly learning to walk in high heels out in public. The utter look of concentration and fear on their face is priceless as they wobble down the road.
Source: Hollywood Tuna

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3:00PM on 09/23/2010

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I wonder if they all screamed "CHARGE IT!!" while running trying to help them build momentum.
I wonder if they all screamed "CHARGE IT!!" while running trying to help them build momentum.
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