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Kim Kardashian always has a full tank

Jul. 10, 2012by: Droz

There are a number of things happening in these pics that piss me off. First and foremost is the fact that Kim Kardashian has anything to do with a genuine Lamborghini. That's just sickening. Second on the list is the fact that this car belongs to her douche bag boyfriend, Kanye West, who received the car from Kim as a gift. The fact that a Kardashian can put down $250,000 on a whim for anything is bad enough. Doing so for the likes of Kanye West is reason enough to believe we're at the cusp of end times. Third on the list is that Kanye apparently doesn't have the time or the manliness to put gas in his own car, so he has his girlfriend do it for him. What the hell kind of guy makes his girlfriend put the gas in? Any other explanation besides explosive diarrhea is a huge loss of manliness points. Finally, and this is just speculation, but I'll bet Kim is only putting 87 octane in that bad boy. I guarantee all these exotics the Kardashians are driving around are not getting the proper upkeep they demand and deserve. If that were mine, I'd literally be caressing it like a lover, sleeping next to it to protect it from all aggressors. They probably just got through eating greasy burgers in theirs - from the drive thru. I'm going to be sick.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna


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