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Kim Kardashian's ass gets attacked by starfish

Jul. 25, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Oscar-nominee and hero philanthropist Kim Kardashian was at a party in Miami beach, where they for some reason insisted on getting her picture standing next to a surf board. She certainly has waves, but I don't see her as the surfing type. I'm sick of holding back, trying to find reasons she may be of interest to people other than the one and only thing about her that interests me: her big, pillowy bounce-house of an ass. That butt is the only reason Leno books her and her sisters on practically a weekly basis. It's definitely not everybody's preferred shape or size, but it managed to do pretty well on our own "Best Ass' poll, ranking #4 between Scarlett Johansson (#3) and Mena Suvari (#5). Her front-side is nothing to be neglected either. That starfish on her chest looks like it's having a good time. And since I don't take her relationships seriously, it doesn't even bother me that she's dating premium douche Kanye West. In fact, they make a pretty good match, breaking a new record as America's most ridiculous celebrity couple.

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Source: LazyGirls

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