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KP's Catcher's Mitt

May. 29, 2009by: Cherry Liquor

Now, if that isn't the perfect catcher's mitt shot of a woman sticking her tongue out... well, then I just haven't been looking hard enough. Seriously though, happy look on her face, eyes open all wide to convey that she's impressed with the size, volume and velocity of your junk and its expellent (F*ck you, I know that's not a word, but it damn well should be). Hooray for Katy Perry. She's fun, she's successful, let's try not to get to the shitting on her parade part of her success ride any time soon, OK?

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Extra Tidbit: Katy was in Tokyo for the promotion of H&M's line of AIDS awareness fashion. Because when you're afflicted with AIDS, the first thing that comes into your mind is, "Dammit, I better have a pretty, shiny dress to wear to the hospital!"
Source: Celebutopia
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7:33PM on 05/29/2009
So cute and love this woman.
So cute and love this woman.
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11:10AM on 05/29/2009
Im lovin' these KP updates every other day. I love this girl.
Im lovin' these KP updates every other day. I love this girl.
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