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Kristen Wiig shows off some more of her hilarious hotness

Jul. 18, 2012by: Droz

Saw a lot of people getting teary-eyed about Kristen Wiig's departure from SNL. Frankly, I wasn't all that upset. She's far too funny for that show. I don't why they don't put that show out of its misery already. They surely could surely make more money out of putting some infomercials in that time slot. It would probably be funnier as well.

Kristen is probably my favorite funny girl hottie. Tina Fey has taken a lot of that credit lately and with good reason. But I like Kristen's humor more. I dig that awkward kind of humor she approaches with a lot of her characters. Plus, she's kind of hot, with a nice little frame. And when not making faces for whatever goofy character she's playing, quite a pretty face. Folks like to give me shit for finding her hot, upon which I direct them to this photo:

At that point everyone shuts up and acknowledges the fact that they would, indeed, hit that. Plus, and this is just as important to me, she's smart and she makes me laugh. I find that very attractive in a woman. She got me to sit through a movie about bridesmaids and laugh my ass off the whole time. That's impressive work right there.


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