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Lake Bell is Sundance 2013's genius darling

Jan. 25, 2013by: Cherry Liquor

The movie title IN A WORLD... might not sound all that sensational to you by just reading it, but if you bother to figure out that it's the title for an indie movie starring Lake Bell playing a woman who is failing at her career as a vocal coach being encouraged by her father, a famous voice actor who does movie trailer voice-overs, to join him in the business, the pieces all start falling into place.

This is the first time that Lake has directed a full-length movie and she's bringing some heavy hitter funny friends of hers like Rob Corddry (a co-star on "Children's Hospital" with Bell), some guy named Nick Offerman who I guess is some character named Ron Swanson on some NBC sitcom, some dude with the weird name Demetri Martin and the highly underrated character actor Ken Marino who has been in everything and yet probably would never be recognized on the street unless he was spotted by a total fangeek. The film is getting very strong reviews from its screening at Sundance. (Did I mention that Elizabeth Olsen plays Bell's 30-years-younger girlfriend?)

Oh, and for the record, Lake Bell didn't just direct and star in the movie, she wrote the screenplay as well. By herself. I just feel like rubbing the "butterface" commenting asshats in the excrement of her bountiful talent & success.

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