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Lake Bell naturally works the Sundance Institute Benefit

3 years agoby: Cherry Liquor
If a dude like Flava Flav can get a bunch of chicks chasing him around, swearing that they're attracted to the imp, why is it that Lake Bell is often targeted for mean remarks from the masses? Let me lay some of this out for you, as I see it. Bell has one of the most spectacular bodies in the business right now. She oozes sex appeal whenever she's in a film. Say what you want about her face, it's not plastic, it's not frozen and she rarely goes to absurd lengths to try and slather enough makeup on herself to lamely convince you otherwise. She's funny as hell, one of the most interesting actresses working in Hollywood, who can easily make a shitty film worth watching just because she's in it. With Katie Aselton and Mark Duplass (the director of CYRUS and JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME, as well as the actor in focus right now for the movies YOUR SISTER'S SISTER and PEOPLE LIKE US, Bell helped support those who are continuing to make independent, good movies. So you gotta love her for that too. Even if when she forgets to smile in a picture, she looks like she's about to cut your nutsack off.

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11:07AM on 06/08/2012
Please stop showing pictures of this guy.

You're scaring the children.
Please stop showing pictures of this guy.

You're scaring the children.
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11:29AM on 06/10/2012
and hotter than any woman you can get
and hotter than any woman you can get
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