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Lauren Cohan and Sarah Wayne Callies make the 100th issue of The Walking Dead seem sexy

Jul. 16, 2012by: Salacious Crumb

If there are three things I can rest assured most of us all love, it's hotties, zombies and comics. Put those three together and you have The Walking Dead's 100th issue event in San Diego during Comic-Con, where the AMC program's stars Lauren Cohan and Sarah Wayne Callies showed up in the yummy flesh to celebrate the 9-years-running comic series. Since the show is very bloody and grimy, I never thought I'd see the day the two would raise Salacious Jr. from his grave. They are absolutely the eye-candy of the show, but they looked nothing short of stunning at this event, which of course held most of the other cast members as well. It would have to be a fun show to work on (haven't we all shot homemade zombie movies in our backyard?), and they definitely seem to be having a good time embracing the zombie world. Sarah Wayne has always looked pretty darn gorgeous, but it's a refreshing sight to see her in a nice dress, and not overly common small-town wardrobe. But I still think I'm in love with Lauren Cohen and that Mary Tyler Gore smile. If I ever caught a flesh-eating virus on that show, she'd be the first one I'd want to chow down on, with some fava beans and a nice chianti. Fthfthfthfthfth.

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