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Leann Rimes enjoys whoring it up at sporting events (for kids)

Oct. 13, 2010by: Lester Diamond
Man, who knew country music singers could be just as tacky as the common "Wal-Mart Folk" (or are they one in the same)? The photos posted are of country singer/actress LeAnn Rimes attending a soccer game for her boyfriend's son. Please note her classy choice of daisy dukes (which are so short the pockets are longer than the shorts), as well as her decision to suck face on the sidelines. A part of me prays that Igloo cooler was packed full of ice cold Coors beer (and one Capri-Sun for the kid) which she drank while loudly screaming obscenities (I mean encouragement) during the game. If you're going for the look you might as well go all the way, right?

Other than being a cheating wife, home-wrecker, and questionable step-mom....LeAnn does look rather appetizing in her hoochie gear. I'm used to seeing her prim and proper most of the time, so this must be a part of her "wild child" phase. Her body is extremely toned and she's has definitely no reservations about showing it off (even to kids who's occupations consist of watching SpongeBob). Kudos to her! Maybe I need to switch from listening to ignorant rap and give country music a try after all!!

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Was LeAnn more appealing in her wholesome country singer days, or now in her slutty give a sh*t days?
Source: The Superficial
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