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Leann Rimes goes grocery shopping in Calabasas and Dave's still not there, man

Jul. 19, 2013by: Cherry Liquor
I post this post in jest. For I have a friend named Dave. I do not know if Dave is obsessed or even mildly aroused by LeAnn Rimes, I just know that his day job is located in Calabasas, one of the richer suburbs in California that keeps you within a relatively short drive away from work in Los Angeles (you'll often see images of Britney Spears going to church in Calabasas or Miley Cyrus doing grocery shopping as well - that "average people" stuff). The thing is that Dave is one of those eat-his-lunch-at-his-desk types. His co-workers spiral money down the drain at fast food joints and sorta nice restaurants and come back with stories of seeing these "famous" people. Dave will tell me about these conversations and all I can think of is, "Dave wasn't there, man. Once again, Dave wasn't there." I don't care if you don't get that joke.

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Source: Just Jared

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12:05PM on 07/19/2013
Looks like Ohio Trailer Trash/ Stripper
Looks like Ohio Trailer Trash/ Stripper
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