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Leave it to Letterman to finally get us a decent pic of Jessica Biel's ass

Nov. 20, 2012by: Droz

Once again Letterman scores the hot women and it's Jessica Biel this time, who is finally wearing something that shows off her ass in an appropriate fashion. Seems like forever since there was any decent Biel ass on display. No surprise then that the guy she finally displays that gorgeous gluteus generosity for is Letterman. You can't be a mega hottie on that show and not make with some sexiness. There's like a law against it - some statute about stepping into the Ed Sullivan theater with anything not making a glorious spectacle of some aspect of your anatomy. Of course, with Jessica, it's that world class ass she's rocking. Reassuring to see that douche nozzle Timberlake hasn't flattened it out yet, now that he gets to pound it by law. And now I've just thrown up a bit in my mouth. Dammit Jess, how could you? Anyone but him. I hate to advocate the break up of a happy marriage, if that is indeed what it is, but there are guys on death row I'd have rather seen get Jess before NSync boy. Such troublesome times for ass fans.

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Drool Back
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6:05PM on 11/20/2012
Thanks , Dave .
Thanks , Dave .
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