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Let Helen Flanagan's Twitter experience remind you to watch what you say online

Jun. 20, 2013by: Droz

I've never used Twitter for anything besides perusing the galleries of celebrity hotties who post candids of themselves in bikinis while on vacation. After reading this article from The Sun (NSFW pics in that link) about busty, British hottie Helen Flanagan's recent Twitter experiences, I think I'm kind of glad I never hopped on board the Twitter bandwagon. On Tuesday night, her seemingly innocent tweet about how Helen missed her absent boyfriend became the impetus for a gang of robbers to invade her home and hold her hostage while ransacking her home for valuables. Pretty f*cked up, right? We're hearing a lot now about the NSA snooping on our sexts, but it seems like the local scumbags monitoring our Facebook and Twitter pages for their cue to invade our homes might be the more pressing concern. The robbers got away with a phone and some jewelry, but Helen and her tits are okay, as evidenced by these pics of her at a gas station yesterday. Sucks that scumbags would take her shit, but any harm coming to those sweet babies would be a true tragedy.

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Source: Moe Jackson


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