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Lisa Opie's sandy cheeks make me feel warm and fuzzy (and dirty)

02.24.2014by: ResidentRiddle64

In case you guys have a bad memory (I know I do), we showed you who this lovely lady was not too long ago. Well, it just so happens Lisa Opie appeared looking just as lovely on the beach a few days ago with a bikini that not only gives us all a nice peek at her cleavage, but more importantly, shows off her ass in all its infinite glory. My God, that thing is lovely. It's good to see that she's comfortable with showing it off. Perhaps she wants to show everyone that it can be used as a floatation device and if you and your eighteen friends are ever lost at sea, just look out for the girl in the sexy pink bikini. If you make your way to her, you and your eighteen friends can grab a hold of her cheeks and she'll happily swim you back to safety. After she drops you and your eighteen friends off (in one trip, mind you) she'll swim out to me, where I'll be shirtless and glistening on a rock or something like a manly version of the Little Mermaid and we'll make out for hours and you guys'll get super jealous and stuff. Yup. That's exactly what'll happen. Anyway, I'm gonna keep daydreaming and looking at these pictures over and over again. Enjoy the booty, everyone. 

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7:31PM on 02/24/2014
Sandy Cheeks sounds like the perfect Roger Moore-era Bond girl name.
Sandy Cheeks sounds like the perfect Roger Moore-era Bond girl name.
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