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07.27.2011by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Comic-Con Cosplay Hotties

It was a good week for us nerds who like all things sexy and geeky, the San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone but our bonerific memories will last forever, or at least until 2012 when the next one comes around. This time I took it upon myself to search high and low for the sexiest of geeky costumes, unfortunately there's so much to see in such a big place that sometimes you'll never get a glimpse of some of the chicks in the skimpier outfits. Still, I managed to compile a decent selection where I chose my personal favorites. To thin the herd a little I decided to fully go with movie related sexiness so no She-Ras, no Zatannas nor Scarlet Witches.

My apologies to all sexy Grover fans.

Without further ado I give you a Sexy Six first! A non celeb sexiest list, which means maybe one of these girls could end up reading it. If you're in this list well congrats! I'll try to be gentle. Call me!


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