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11.10.2010by: Randy the Ram

The Sexy Six: Jessica Alba

Time for the Sexy Six to focus on one of its most featured hotties: Jessica Alba. She’s been on people’s mouths as of late, being the center of a few controversies. First her undies were digitally removed for MACHETE which caused internet movie fans to question if they had a CGI fetish now. Then she went and opened her stupid mouth (again) and made a lot of screenwriters angry. Personally, at one point I had her on top of my hotties list, my personal Sexy Six, plus she has been the only actress that I’ve paid just to see her shake her booty on the screen. Sadly those days are gone. Somehow after getting preggers, a slew of shitty movies and a sour public image, her sexiness has been dwindling, and I've been forced to ask myself whether it's worth it to go see her films. So what better place than here, what better time than now to review Ms. Alba’s path to fame Moviehotties style by revising her sexiest roles.


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