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Jun. 11, 2014by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest 22-Year Old Babes

I don't find Jonah Hill appealing at all. He's the type of guy that I studiously avoid in real life, that whiny kind of guy with the needy, nagging, starved for attention, willing to do anything to get a cheap laugh sort of dude that gets on my nerves. But the first TV to movie version of 21 JUMP STREET succeeded well enough to warrant its sequel, 22 JUMP STREET and here I am suffering through my unpopular opinion that Hill and Tatum are gratingly obnoxious and wildly unfunny in these roles. What I can agree on is that there seems to be a large quantity of babes aged 22 right now. If anything, at least I can use the movie to segue into that.
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