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May. 21, 2014by: Cherry Liquor

The Top Ten Hottest X-Men Babes

How many of you were able to predict the box office domination of NEIGHBORS? Sure, the movie looked funny in its trailers and there was definitely going to be some good R-rated comedy numbers but the thing toppled THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 from the top box office spot after only one week. Now this week we're going to listen to more GODZILLA griping (yeah, yeah, I get it fanboys - the 1998 reboot is an un(der)sung masterpiece) before the more anticipated release of X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST. I was wrong about TASM2 being the hugest thing this summer but am I wrong about the top ten babes from the X-MEN movies?
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11:28AM on 05/14/2014
cf. Rebecca Romijn's sexy seduction dance in 'Femme Fatale'.
cf. Rebecca Romijn's sexy seduction dance in 'Femme Fatale'.
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