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Liz Hurley's bikinis

05.04.2010by: Randy the Ram

I'm sorry if I have mislead you to think that you'd be seeing Elizabeth Hurley in various bikinis, the thing is, she was at the opening of one of her stores (yes, she has "stores") in Barcelona. Opening at La Rocca Village Outlet "Elizabeth Hurley Beach" is where you can find all sorts of beach wear with her name stamped all over it. The question is, why didn't she wear one of her bikinis? Well, it doesn't matter because she still looks as beautiful as ever. She even manages to make the two models posing beside her invisible. To think they are the ones actually wearing a bikini, I mean, take a minute (or two) to compare racks... it's ok, I'll wait.

They have nothing on her, in fact, they actually have nothing! Those mosquito bites were actually a little bigger but they probably cowered in fear as they saw Hurley's beach balls in that sexy cleavage rocking dress. Sure, they're not so bad themselves, the one in the right is kinda cute but c'mon it's Elizabeth friggin' Hurley, just seeing her with that microphone takes me to some pretty dirty places.

Click on each photo to enlarge!

Extra Tidbit: Did you know there's also something called Elizabeth Hurley Food? Check out her site if you want to see her fondling a rooster.



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3:32PM on 05/05/2010
yea... she still looking good
yea... she still looking good
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5:51AM on 05/05/2010
Agreed, Liz puts them to shame.
Agreed, Liz puts them to shame.
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