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Locklear is Clear

May. 27, 2010by: Cherry Liquor

I know this is going to come off as a yawn of a post, but I really wanted a chance to get up a picture of Heather Locklear looking all sexy and shit because I'm in a nostalgic state of mind. I remember when she was filming "Melrose Place" back in the day (the original, the one and only, come on now...) around where I lived and everyone was apeshit over her. I didn't get a chance to see her, just that short haired blonde who kinda looked like the blonde from Wilson Philips. (Yeah, I don't care about the names of either of them.)

And.... getting on to my point. Back in April of this year Locklear was arrested for the connection between her hitting a No-Parking sign while supposedly being intoxicated. She wasn't taken into custody, but considering that she was already on probation for her 2008 DUI arrest, the bitch had to be a little bit nervous about getting into it with cops, so she fled the scene which is really what she was arrested for. A hit and run of a f*cking No-Parking sign.

So the deal is that they're not pressing charges against her further because even though the evidence proved that it was her car that hit the sign, there wasn't enough proof that she was the person driving the car at the time that the sign was caused grievous harm. Which leads me all the way back to my county being in love with Amanda Woodward since she graced our shores with her mini-skirted beauty back in the late '90's. Ha.

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8:35AM on 05/27/2010

never seen it

call me crazy and thumb me down, but for some reason i've never thought she was super hot
call me crazy and thumb me down, but for some reason i've never thought she was super hot
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8:26AM on 05/27/2010

she's timeless

she'll still be bangable at 80
she'll still be bangable at 80
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