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Love Magazine #9 tries to drown Chloe Moretz

Jan. 28, 2013by: Cherry Liquor

It'll be two more years and about a week and a half until KICK-ASS darling Chloe Grace Moretz (help me out here, I keep seeing her name in magazines and such listed without the "Grace" but according to her official profile at sites like IMDB, she's still listed as CGM in full) turns 18 years old, but the media sure is having fun with the precocious teen in the interim. Moretz keeps working, most recently appearing on a few episodes of "30 Rock," but prepping for the 2013 releases of KICK-ASS 2, CARRIE, THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA, THE RUT, THE DRUMMER, and DANCE OF MIRLITONS. She's listed as "rumoured" to be in a couple more, but this is shaping up to be a very sweet 16 of a year (so she turns on February 10th, in case you want to mark your calendars) for Chloe.

So what's up with Love Magazine and their #9 magazine trying to drown the petite blonde? Chloe had been featured on the cover of the magazine back in 2011, with red hair and a pair of sparkly silver devil horns, but in this Spring/Summer issue of the rag, they're focusing on women in water - including very provocative poses of models in bathtubs, the lens of the camera clearly lingering on the barely covered lengths of their bodies. But with Chloe? Drown the CARRIE remake star! Dub-You-Tee-Eff?

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5:04PM on 01/28/2013
Psychos are gonna love this.
Psychos are gonna love this.
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