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Lucy Collett leaves the nuthouse for the Zoo

May. 14, 2014by: Droz

I'm sure many of you mourned the death of Nuts earlier this month. I know I'll always lament the loss of that big titty weekly. Fortunately that was not the only British publication tasked with documenting the extraordinary percentage of their population with outrageously huge tits. Zoo magazine is also well known for this noble journalistic pursuit and they've managed to bring over former Nuts regular and brilliant redhead vixen Lucy Collett to show off her crimson radiance in their pages. It's a difficult call to pick out one hottie from the ranks of large breasted Brits models and label her as my favorite. However, I'm going out on a limb and selecting Lucy the best of them all. Apart from her obvious qualifications in this area, she's also got a few other key characteristics. For one thing, she has the right name. It's a well known fact that all the best big boob babes from England must be called Lucy. She's also got some great hair. I don't think any of it's naturally red, but red looks good on her nonetheless and she's the only consistent redhead in her league. Finally, she's also cute and rocks a great, curvy body. I think that checks off all the boxes in my list of prerequisites for the perfect woman.

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Source: Zoo


Drool Back
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6:13PM on 05/14/2014
Sweet Jesus!!
Sweet Jesus!!
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