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Lucy Hale is one of the older Cosmo cover models this year

For the record, Lucy Hale is 23-years old. If you're not sure if my piss poor math is holding up, let me say that her birthday is listed on IMDB as being June 14th, 1989. Why I'm bothering to point any of this out is because there have been haters (they tend to refer to themselves as "activists" but they all sound like Reverend Lovejoy's wife screaming, "What about the children?!?!") complaining about the long-running women's fashion magazine. Some say that it was inappropriate of the rag to have done a cover model spread of Dakota Fanning back in February because the actress was barely 18 that month, meaning that the racy (aka: try to picture what "racy" means to a bunch of prudes) photoshoot she did was taken before her legal birthday. Then there's been Selena Gomez on the cover as well. Demi Lovato tends to sneak onto covers too. But did you know there is a woman in North Carolina (go figure) who has proposed that the magazine be sold at grocery stores and other establishments with the black plastic cover that is normally reserved for publications like Playboy? That's right. This woman is afraid of what "10 Best Sex Tips to Wow Him in Bed!" headlines are going to cause her illiterate 2-year old to pop a boner in his Huggies Pull-Ups. I'm a big boy now, indeed.

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Source: Examiner


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11:20AM on 08/08/2012

23 years old?!!!! Go home, Grandma!

Jest kidding. But some people really need a life, or go complain about violence on TV.
Jest kidding. But some people really need a life, or go complain about violence on TV.
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