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Magazine: Alison Brie is sultry in Blackbook & Malibu Magazines

Apr. 25, 2012by: Droz

You don't often see Alison Brie getting down to some truly legitimate sultriness like she is here in the pages of Blackbook and Malibu magazines this month. Typically, she's either the goofy yet sexy girl on Community or the somewhat frumpy housewife on Mad Men. She's so pretty and so very well built, it's a shame her hotness talents aren't being put to better use. I'd like to see her do something really hot and totally without any tongue-in-cheek associations. Just something that lets her cut all that cuteness and wholesome housewife nonsense loose for a moment and get really depraved in a role that has her turning on the sexy full stream. She's got all the equipment necessary for such a part. All she needs is the opportunity to put it to good use. Someone get to work on that.

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