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Magazine: Amy Adams is InStyle's December covergirl

11.22.2011by: Cherry Liquor
Raise your hand if Amy Adams is one of the big reasons why you're going to brave the Thanksgiving box office weekend to watch THE MUPPETS. I know she's high on my list of reasons, including co-star Jason Segal and the chance to feel as if I'm not truly as old and cynical as I feel some days. That and I love Animal. Wooooo-Man! Woooooo-Man! Hell, that's what I feel like chanting when I see magazines do spreads of the beautiful redhead looking like a diva enchantress. Many thanks to InStyle. Many thanks to the creative team behind the Muppets for being willing to work with the new people, even if I hear there were some differences in opinion on how the material was being handled. The world these days needs those adorable creatures in our lives again. Our next generation of spoiled, CGI-saturated brats needs the Muppets. And the whole world needs the joy that Amy Adams brings to the big screen with her wide, earnest smiles.

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Extra Tidbit: Days like this, I get into a really big "f*ck death!" mood. Mr. Jim Henson... you are still sorely missed and dearly remembered. Thanks for the magic you brought to my generation and here's to your spirit forever living on as we pass your genius down the line to our kids.
Source: InStyle
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7:50PM on 11/22/2011
God, she's hot..
God, she's hot..
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7:54AM on 11/22/2011
That's probably the best Salacious Sidelick ever.
That's probably the best Salacious Sidelick ever.
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