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Magazine: Bar Refaeli in Elle Spain

Apr. 25, 2012by: Droz

There's so much to enjoy about Bar Refaeli, seen here in this month's Elle Spain. Perhaps one of my favorite things is her contentment when it comes to nudity. She doesn't have any problem throwing off the clothing for a expansive layout like this. Get her on a beach, throw some sand and some waves on her, and the clothes just start dropping off like ripe fruit from the tree. It's awesome and truly touching how a hottie like Bar understands the degree of maximum hotness radiating off her like a sexy uranium 235. She's one who grasps the importance of spreading her hotness around as often as possible without any clothing encumbrance, allowing the full power of such a perfectly formed body to persuade ladies to purchase underwear, or bathing suits, or magazines. There's a vast fortune being accumulated thanks to the power of Bar's natural resources. So good of her to constantly remind us why they need to be protected from all harm.

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Drool Back
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8:38PM on 04/25/2012
She is beautiful. Great body, beautiful hair and a gorgeous face.
She is beautiful. Great body, beautiful hair and a gorgeous face.
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