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Magazine: Carey Mulligan talks onscreen nudity in W

12.14.2011by: Cherry Liquor

It's probably wrong of me to think that Carey Mulligan was super hot as the young school girl who gets into a romantic dalliance with a married man played by Peter Sarsgaard in AN EDUCATION. Perhaps it was because the nudity and flirtation were held in check by the social morays of the era that the movie was set in. But now, opposite the even sexier Michael Fassbender in the film all about sexual addiction, SHAME, Carey had to up the ante and get with the modern times, including doffing all of her duds and appearing fully in the buff.

As to that situation, she tells W magazine, “I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of nudity. I’ve done only semi-nude, very innocent things in the past. When it came to this, it just seemed so obvious that she is the sort of person who would have no trouble being naked… Weirdly, it was fine. You take your clothes off, and you’re like, ‘Ah—all of you are wearing clothes, and I’m naked, ha, ha, ha.’ It’s kind of fun—not that I would continue to do it. The nudity helped me dive into who she was.”

So interesting to hear how involved she got in the process, especially after having her so innocently win our hearts with her sweet, dimpled young mother role in this summer's fantastic movie, DRIVE. But I'm loving how hot she looks in W, bra on display and all. Can we start to agree that perhaps she should be slightly elevated above the "cute" label?

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12:20PM on 12/14/2011
We´re coming closer to an agreement I think.
We´re coming closer to an agreement I think.
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