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Magazine: Charlize Theron is all washed up in Vogue

4 years agoby: Droz

What happened to Charlize Theron? She used to be everywhere. Then for some reason a few years back she decided to go low-profile and only do a few, somewhat modest things a year. That's a shame, because she's been one of the most consistently talented and beautiful women in Hollywood. I remember being absolutely captivated with her way back in that murky, distant past known as the 90s when I first saw her in TWO DAYS IN THE VALLEY - a movie that I probably would have forgotten entirely had she not played the sexy, Swedish vamp in it. Of course it wasn't long after that when she started to get lots of attention in Hollywood and plenty of juicy roles, which eventually won her the Oscar. I guess it's all down hill from there, right?

Still, we can look forward to seeing how she fits into the mysterious goings on in the upcoming ALIEN inspired (I guess) PROMETHEUS, in which she plays...somebody. Who the hell knows what's happening in that movie? Until then, enjoy some pics of Charlize pretending to be some sexy driftwood below.

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Drool Back
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8:58PM on 11/16/2011
She looks darling (I love that word- 'darling').
She looks darling (I love that word- 'darling').
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6:58PM on 11/16/2011
Gorgeous as always.
Gorgeous as always.
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