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Magazine: Christina Aguilera lays out for Redbook

Nov. 3, 2010by: Lester Diamond
Christina Aguilera continues to let her freak flag fly since being a newly single woman. She poses for the cover of Redbook, which to me looks like they went airbrush crazy on her face for the cover. You can barely even recognize it's Christina unless you do a double take. She resembles the Frankenstein's monster known as Heidi Montag (minus a gigantic rack) more than her normally perky self. Sure, airbrush has it's place in smoothing out lines and adding to the fantasy in certain instances (when done lightly or tastefully), but when overdone it resembles something out of a video game instead of a real person. Christina has the film BURLESQUE set to appear in theaters soon, so that might give us a bit more of an accurate view of how's she's looking these days. Although, lighting can do wonders for people as well....

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Source: Just Jared

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1:52PM on 11/04/2010
She needs to unleash those puppies, seriously.
She needs to unleash those puppies, seriously.
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6:14PM on 11/04/2010
Yeah, she's really at that point now.
Yeah, she's really at that point now.

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