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Magazine: Elisha Cuthbert gets in Shape

Jan. 24, 2012by: Cherry Liquor
There was a point in time when Elisha Cuthbert was on the top of a lot of fanboy lists of Top Hotties and then she seemingly fell off the radar, only to pop up and be ragged on about her gain in weight and cut of hairstyle. Then she got reintroduced to television audiences in some show called "Happy Endings" that is supposedly very funny but yet another one of those shows I've never seen so I can't confirm. With a new found air of popularity rising for the busty blonde, it's nice to see her celebrated in a magazine like Shape. Even if you know that rags like these always Photoshop more perfection into the photos they take of the people they feature. I'd much rather see someone like Elisha with a little more meat to her touting ways to stay fit than a skinny bitch who survives on air and gluten-free soda crackers.

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Source: Hollywood Tuna

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7:14PM on 01/25/2012
No bikini shots = epic fail. : (
No bikini shots = epic fail. : (
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10:37AM on 01/24/2012
She is a sexy stunner.
She is a sexy stunner.
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