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Magazine: Eva Longoria gives warm and fuzzy feelings for Tattler

5 years agoby: Lester Diamond
As much as I dislike the approach of colder weather (typical California mentality), seeing Eva Longoria(I refuse to add that basketball players last name to her own) in a sexy furry dress makes me want to wrap myself up with her like a Snuggie (probably the only time wearing one wouldn't look pathetic as well). Eva is the cover girl for the November issue of Tattler, which is a UK based magazine with clearly distinguished taste in women. It's nice to see Eva looking a bit glamorous in these pics, as she's not as prevalent in the media as she initially was during the first few seasons of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. It seems when we do see a few new pics of her out in public, she's a bit more casual and dressed down (a side effect of the married life?). All the more reason to thank the Brit's for helping Eva get back to her glam roots. Next time let's hope they discuss bearing a little more skin though!

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Source: Senor Zorro
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4:44PM on 11/01/2010
She just keeps getting hotter every time I see her.
She just keeps getting hotter every time I see her.
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