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Magazine: Fergie is hoarding all the Lucky

May. 6, 2011by: Cherry Liquor
On occasion, I ride the bus. Public transportation is never without its grand views into the utter bizarro versions of lives you'll never lead. While Fergie gets to appear in Lucky magazine promoting her new line of fashion footwear, talking about how she never gave away or threw away any of the free swag she's gotten as a performer because she was scared her fame would one day be violently ripped from her, I get to witness 350 pound dudes singing "This my jam! Flouncy! Flouncy!" into invisible cell phones. Fergie gets to disclose that, "One of my bedrooms is filled with clothes, and when people come over, I give them a trash bag and a glass of wine, then say, ‘Go!'" and I get to listen in on a woman's conversation with no one in particular about a nest of spiders she once harbored in her hair. Gosh, we live such parallel lives, Fergie and myself.

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Source: Daily Mail

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