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Magazine: Hilary Swank makes everything look better in black & white

Nov. 22, 2010by: Cherry Liquor
In the 80+ years that the Oscars have been handed out, I can't make a good judgment call on whether or not it's an impressive thing that only 11 actresses have won the Best Actress honor more than once. Hilary Swank is one of them. But the fact that the Academy keeps nominating the same people year in and year out, does that speak more toward the favoritism vibe that goes along with them? I like Swank, have since she was the female Daniel-San. So I guess all of this makes me stop and wonder if I find her more attractive because of the power that she gained by being one of the recognized talents or if that talent was always there and she just became lucky enough to have it be spotlighted. In any case, she's in CS Magazine looking very old-school va-va-voom, just the way that I happen to like her best. Not enough skin, but still.

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Source: Beer Goggler
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2:25PM on 11/22/2010

No change in opinion.

Good body, not so great face.
Good body, not so great face.
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10:29AM on 11/22/2010
While I know some on here probably won't agree,I think shes hot
While I know some on here probably won't agree,I think shes hot
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