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Magazine: Jennifer Lopez in Glamour

Aug. 26, 2010by: Randy the Ram

Hey remember a while back when there was this caliente latina chick with a big ass who knew how to shake it and had a promising singing and acting career. A spicy mamacita named Jennifer Lopez ? I remember feeling like she was winning at the celebrity edition of "Life". All the paparazzi wanted to get a piece of some J-Lo action during the whole Bennifer action. I believe that's when everything started to go downhill.

So what's the hottie consensus of Jennifer Lopez at the moment? She was recently featured in the pages of Glamour magazine in all sorts of sexy poses and she ain't looking that bad. With a very "latina" style to the photos, she gives us a little cleavage, a little shoulder action here, a little leopard print there, some nerdy glasses & a voyeuristic look at her in a bathrobe. So what do you think? Would you let her play cards with you? A little strip poker maybe?

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Source: Celebutopia


Drool Back
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9:08AM on 08/28/2010
She better sticks with modeling because her movies have been quite bad lately.
She better sticks with modeling because her movies have been quite bad lately.
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