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Magazine: Jessica Alba in Allure

Jul. 15, 2011by: Droz

Jessica Alba is in August's Allure magazine, apparently the victim of some extremely bizarre sleepwalking accident. I'm not sure when these were taken. She looks pretty thin, so it could have been before her pregnancy was showing. Or maybe they've Photoshopped out the baby bump. I always thought the point of pregnant actresses doing magazine spreads was to celebrate their motherhood and all that. Not so with these. I have to wonder what the point of these pics are then. To prove she can not look preggo even though she is?

It feels like we've reached a point where Jessica is mostly irrelevant to anything. Do you agree with me there? Sure, she's still pretty and when not bulging with kids, she's got a nice body. Still, she hardly does anything of popular note. And when she does, it only seems to elicit negative controversy. Like the CGI nudity incident in MACHETE or the silly non-striping stripper bit in SIN CITY or her crappy acting in the FANTASTIC 4 movies. We've all seem to have been waiting for a payoff from her that hasn't come and now everyone looks to be moving on to more interesting things.

So have you had it with Jessica? Or does she still ring your bell? Head on over to our latest Hottie Poll and tell us what you think.

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Source: Superior Pics
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