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Magazine: Zooey Deschanel in Allure

Jan. 18, 2012by: Droz

Awwww, happy belated birthday Zooey Deschanel. Everyone's favorite hipster sweetheart turned 32 yesterday, marking the occasion with a new Allure spread. Zooey is one of the select hotties we feature here that I can actually consider within my price range, as far as age goes anyway. I'm sorry to say that the days of courting 20-year olds are pretty much behind me, but it's nice to see that so many of my fellow 30 somethings are preserving so much of their youth well into maturity's icy cold grip. You got people in their 30s still playing high school kids after all. Maybe this fountain of youth is the result of all those preservatives we've wolfed down over the years in our cupcakes and waffles. Maybe it's some kind of 1st world biological mutation in response to society's demands. Maybe it's Maybelline. All I know is that the hotties are staying hot longer and even gaining a little something in the aging bargain. Thank god for that.

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Drool Back
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3:02AM on 01/19/2012
wow those eyes, she is so adorable.
wow those eyes, she is so adorable.
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